Kate Nordstrand

Hand painted silk cushion - fishes in love

1100 NOK / In stock.

In this collection of 6 hand painted silk cushions, I am inspired by the Caribbean colors and designs. Each cushion is hand painted by me. So they are all unique and a piece of art!
Small variations will occur in each piece, but they have the same design and colors.
The actual colors may vary slightly as the colors alter with each monitor.

-100 % silk, Satin
-Size: : 50x50 cm. (20x20 inches)
-Hand washable.
-Label attached.
-Signed by the artist.
-This cushion is in-stock and will ship quickly.
-Cushion insert is not included.
-Envelope closure on the back.

I create all my products by painting and printing by hand. I paint with fiber reactive dyes on white silk. The dyes are steam set to make the colors permanent.
So each scarf, cushion or jacket is a work of wearable art, designed by me.
Silk has a luxurious feel, yet it is easy to care for and hand washable.
A hand painted silk cushion is an exclusive gift!

-I also paint "One-of-a-kind" cushions.
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