Etching  "Den blå timen" 3

Etching "Den blå timen" 3

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This etching has the title "Den blå timen", in Norwegian..That means "The blue hour", in English. 

I have chosen three different issues of the print, 1, 2 and 3.

This etching is an original print. That means that I ink up the copperplate for each print pulled, so each print will have small differences to the next.

I start by drawing the image, through a varnish, onto a copper plate. Then I immerse the copper plate in acid, and the acid "bites" into the copper where I have removed the varnish. When the plate is done, and this takes a while, as most copper plates go in the acid several times. So it takes a couple of days to create one image.


Each print will be unique and a piece of art. The plate is inked by hand, and I use a lot of colors in one print. I use my etching press for printing on to special printing paper using lightfast inks.


I often use the aquatint technique to create the deep tones and structure.

This print is printed in an edition of only 40 prints. Each etching is printed in a limited edition, so the number of the print, for example 5/40,  tells you this is the fifth print of an edition of 40 prints.

Please be aware that I can't guarantee that you get the number on the photo!

Each print comes unmounted and will be shipped in an envelope, with a hard board, to protect it.


Frame is not included, but the print will fit a frame, 30 x 40 cm. (12" x 16”.)

The print measures:  15 x 25 cm.   6” x 10"

The paper measures: 25 x 35 cm.  10” x 14"  (approx.)

Each print is numbered, titled and signed by me.