Hand painted silk top 2444
Hand painted silk top 2444

Hand painted silk top 2444

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Mod 2444

Hand painted top of Crêpe de chine silk . I create all my fabrics by painting by hand. I paint with fiber reactive dyes on white silk. The dyes are steem set to make the colors permanent.
Each top is unique and a piece of art, signed by me.

-One size fits most
- Front length: 80 cm.
- Back length: 80 cm.
- Total width: 140 cm.

 Great over a black skirt, or wear it with jeans! 

Silk has a luxurious feel, yet it is easy to care for and hand washable.
The actual colors may vary slightly as the colors alter with each monitor. 

-100 % silk, Chiffon
-Hand washable or machine.
-Label attached.
-Signed by the artist.
-This jacket is in-stock it will ship quickly.
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