Etching "Crazy Lady from Bergen" Pink background

Etching "Crazy Lady from Bergen" Pink background

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These etchings are available in two different editions. They are sold without a frame!

Each etching is an original. That's because I add new color for each print. I clean the plate after each press. So small differences can be the result.

I start by drawing the design on a copper plate covered with an etch. Then the plate is placed in an acid bath, and the acid etches where I have removed the etch. The plate is usually inserted back into the acid bath several times. I often use aquatint to create structure in print. So it may take several days for the disc to be ready for printing. The copper plate is then applied to colors, and I use many colors for each print. Then I moisturize the paper and put the plate on top. Then it is passed through the press under high pressure.

This print has a print run of 60. Each etching is printed in a limited print, so the number 5/40 means that it is the fifth print of a total of 40 print.

I send the print, without a frame, in an envelope, protected by hard cardboard.

Frame is not included, but the print will fit a standard frame 30 x 40 cm.

The print measures:15 x 25 cm.

The paper measures:25 x 35 cm.

Every single print is numbered and signed by me

I will add that I cannot guarantee you will get the number that is in the photo!